The Raven     by Edgar Allan Poe
Engravings by Gustave Doré
Read by Robert Donald
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From the edition published by Harper & Brothers, Publishers. New York
Copyright © 1883 Harper & Brothers

Edgar Allan Poe was born about 200 years ago in January 1809. He first published The Raven in 1845. Learn more about Poe here.

Learn more about our reader, Robert Donald, here. This audio, and readings of many other works of Edgar Allan Poe, are available from here. This reading by Robert Donald is available here with the kind permission of AudioBooksForFree.Com.

The text of The Raven used here, and the illustrations, are from the 1883-1884 edition published by Harper & Brothers, Publishers.
The text and illustrations are available without charge from the Gutenberg Project here.

The engravings used in this edition of The Raven are the last published work of French artist Gustave Doré. Learn more about Doré here.

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